I help national travel publications tell the lesser-known, unexpected, and touching stories of a place.

I often write about:

• Off-the-beaten-track experiences
• Interesting locals doing extraordinary things
• Couples’ travel
• Design-focused places and companies
• Western Europe, especially Italy
• Oceania
• Burning Man and other festivals
• Narrative destination features
• Profiles of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and brands

Are you stuck with:

• Finding a reliable freelance travel writer who can create compelling articles from interviews on a short turnaround time?
• Articles that fall flat and fail to highlight the quirks and hidden gems of a destination?
• Uninspired pieces from travel writers that cover the same travel experiences and destinations in the same way you’ve already covered them?

Do you have a story idea you’d like to discuss with me? Let’s chat! Contact me at sayhi@theresachristine.com.